Having this simple, elegant and iconic Kerala sari in your wardrobes is a must.

kerala saress

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Mundum Neriyathum is the traditional clothing attire of women in Kerala, the southen state of India usually known as God's own country. Mundum Neriyathum is also known as Set-Mundu or Mundu-Set, because of the two Mundu.

The mundum neryathum is traditionally white or cream in colour and consists of two pieces of cloth, mundu and neriyathu, worn with a blouse.

The piece of cloth that drapes the lower garment is called the mundu. It is worn below the navel and around the hips, similar to the mundu worn by men in Kerala. The piece of cloth that is worn as the upper garment is called the neriyathu. One end of the neriyathu is tucked inside the pavadai or petticoat and the remaining long end is worn across the front torso. The neriyathu is worn over a blouse that reaches quite above the breast bone. It is worn diagonally from along the right hips to the left shoulder and across the midriff, partly baring it. The remaining loose end of the neriyathu is left hanging from the left shoulder, resembling the ‘nivi saree’.

Kerala saries are iconic garment worn by womens in Gods own country Kerala. They closely resembles mundum neriyathum the traditional cloth worn by Malayali women.

This traditional attire of Kerala is widely recognised globally. The white saree with a golden pallu is the trade mark of Kerala, hence for Malayali women across the globe owning one in their wardrobes is a must.



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