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Vapusa Handloom Collections

Vijay woke up early, thought will leave office early today.

They key to getting ready to work is doing some stuff the night before, so that you are not short of time before moving out of the door. That’s Exactly correct, isn’t it?

 And.. That exactly what Vijay does not do.

 After taking a bath, he tried to open the cupboard to take out his dresses. But where is the key?

Anu, where is the cupboard key? No answer. As asks again.

A perfect answer for a situation like this from a wife, “I am in Kitchen”.

 Wife comes running, leaving everything on the gas stove. “Got it”!! said Vijay.

Got it, then why did you call me?

 Mornings are busy in that household, words and sentiments flying here and there.

 Cupboard opened:

9 Sarees fell on Vijay’s feet, he kicked it towards the goal post net (mosquito net on bed) like a champion footballer, a perfect action recoil. Those were he counted…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 sarees.”This lady will make me bankrupt”

Somehow he picked them and was pushing those back into the cupboard, when he saw then 10th SAREE.

This one was standing apart from the rest of them .His eyes stuck on the elegance of the saree.

Vapusa handloom kasavu saree

It was a off-white saree with golden border, beautiful peacock tail imprinted on it. 

He touched it. There was a smile on his face. In the spur of the moment, he imagined almost all the women he could imagine, from 16 year old to 60 year old in that saree. The saree just covered every woman graciously.

Coming from behind , his wife blew into his ears, he sprang in surprise. Hey ! he said, “who gave you this saree”?

Hmm? Why ? I bought it , she quipped.

He doubted , was it really her selection?"You are sure“? Vijay asked

“Actually I took a friend with me” she uttered, munching parathas.

“Who ?, I will not tell “ she said

"She regularly wears these kinds of Handloom sarees. You know her ..its Rekha!"

 Oh, Rekha !! Vijay smiled

Vapusa - Kerala Kasavu Saree

"The same Rekha who you were ogling at the party, and that too infront of me? You are brave !!" she patted Vijay's back.

 "See Anu, You are more striking and stunning than Rekha, always. But I think that day it was her outfit.I could not take my eyes of her."

Anu said ,"That day she wore handloom silk sarees. She always wears it ".

 Vijay said "Why don’t you buy that kind of sarees? She was looking elegant, and ...... errr..educated ..as well".

And ? angrily wife said.

And VAPUSA…Vijay said, looking in the sky

 Kya? Its a Sanskrit word , Wonderfully beautiful.

“Are you not getting late to the office now ?” she said

Vijay said ,"You please wear this kerala kasavu saree today. I will take a leave today , we will go out somewhere”.

 “Wow….Daytime.. candle light ? she said

Vijay said, "If you wear VAPUSA dresses.. All time candlelight….!!!"

 "What ?" she said

Vijay said ,"Come on quickly wear this !!!"

 That’s the power of a woman dress, the power to woo men.

A woman enigmatic is a woman empowered !





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