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Handloom sarees by vapusa

Nothing identifies a woman as being Indian, as strongly as sarees do.  In today's 'New-G' fashion world, the peerless tag of Indian traditional handloom saree and blouse is no secret. Recognized as one of the most important symbols of Indian fashion and clothing, the traditional handloom sari-blouse combo has been the treasure of our women population ranging from beautiful, dignified, ultra-modern 16 years old dream girls to 60 year old traditionally dressed housewives. The combo currently reigns supreme among the most beautiful costumes of the world.

saree blouse pattern

Handloom sarees and blouse weaving industry is highly traditional, labor intensive, caste based, mostly unorganized and decentralized. It employs a large number of women folk and thrives on inherited skills and patronage by rural population and connoisseurs of art.



saree draping

The art of ornamenting handloom fabrics has been an age-old Traditional technique and custom in our country since time immemorial. A concentrated effort by many Indian culture and ethnic fashion enthusiasts to revive the lost arts has made it commercially viable once again. This trend has finally gained mainstream acceptance in the last two decades. Today, handloom sarees from India are one of the most coveted garments in the world. Considered to be the pride of the nation, they are the most colorful, engaging and most admired tradition of India singing ethos of Indian culture.


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