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handloom and powerloom

In the past few years, machine made/power loom fabrics have surely taken over the handlooms by introducing cotton mixed fabrics and synthetic materials. This has gained popularity for its easy maintenance and durability. Also, power looms fabrics production is a lot easier task when compared to handlooms. But, pure handlooms are still utilized in huge numbers for quality fabric, superiority and its charm like silk sarees and cotton sarees or dress.

indian handloom industry

Indian sarees have been famous through the ages, and even now, due to a few dynamic entrepreneurs, hand woven cottons, carpets and silks are making inroads into markets abroad. The handloom is still given due importance specially on the memorable occasions like wedding or festival in India. However, in a battle of man and machine, the former has won, for now.


 black saree

Handloom Cotton Sarees collection from Vapusa

Handloom cotton sarees are admired and adored for their quality, durability, and softness that are also best suitable for all climates. Handloom fabrics are woven with the best quality threads while the artisans work on these fabrics to produce a really unique creation. One gets to see these artisans handwork on the pallau, sari borders, dupattas & the body of the sari. These products are made with the best effort of labor and the traditional art is loved throughout the world.  Many a time the artists create such a magnificent work of art that is surely everlasting and exquisite.


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